Water Remediation

Nature-Based Solutions to Environmental Contamination

Pollution from industrial and agricultural runoff, synthetic chemicals, petrochemical spills, and other human activity have surpassed the capacity       of our oceans and freshwater resources to contain them. This widespread environmental contamination has caused an array of detrimental effects,      from collapsing the biodiversity of marine ecosystems to contaminating our food and drinking water, which are all being exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.

Azul Bio is developing solutions to counter the negative effects of aquatic pollution by sourcing native microbes from threatened environments that possess natural remediative capabilities, enhancing those abilities if need be, and assembling them into probiotics that address the contaminate at scale.  This revolutionary treatment method will safely keep our waterways and   oceans productive.

Aquatic RX | Algal Bloom

Increasing global temperatures and excessive nutrients from fertilizer and sewage runoff combine to produce increasingly devastating harmful algae blooms. These toxin producing algae contaminate fresh and marine environments, causing harm to people, water treatment infrastructure, aquaculture, and native ecosystems. Algal blooms also deprives the local area of oxygen, killing or displacing aquatic fauna.

Aquatic RX | Algal Bloom is specifically designed to mitigate harmful algal blooms. Our treatment will significantly reduce their occurrence and impact through a nature-based approach that is friendly to native wildlife, as opposed to traditional approaches, and keeps our waterways and oceans safe and productive.