Our Services

Coral Microbiome Booster

We are working to rapidly create marine microbiome boosters for coral reefs. We are partnering with countries and organizations around the world to deploy these treatments on a large-scale to reverse the seemingly inevitable demise of corals and preserve ocean biodiversity into the 22nd century and beyond.

Coral Services

We are offering end-to-end genomic and microbiome analysis services for corals and their ecosystems in both aquariums and the wild. Everything from eDNA-based coral reef biodiversity assessment, coral genotyping, microbiome profiling, and cryostorage for gene bank coral. These services provide vital data and insights for reef monitoring, disease diagnostics, coral aquaculture, and marine research.

Aquatic Services

Improve quality and reduce risk in your aquatic operations with our biological analysis services. We offer practical tools for hobbyists, experts, and industry that include Disease Detection, Microbiome Profiling, and Genotyping, helping you care for your aquatic systems more effectively. Ensure the well-being of your marine life with insights based on science.

Natural Product Discovery

The oceans contain an untapped wealth of molecular resources that exceeds that of terrestrial life in both quantity and novelty, equating to billions in therapeutic and industrial market opportunities. Leveraging our probiotic engineering platform technology, we are simultaneously creating a vast portfolio of high-value natural products from previously unculturable marine microbes.