Our Future

Climate Change and Pollution are Collapsing Ocean Productivity

Increasing ocean temperatures, disease, and pollution has wiped out 50% of coral reefs in the last 30 years, and will lead to the death of 90% of coral reefs by 2050. Widespread coral extinction will be economically devastating, where although reefs occupy less than 1% of the ocean floor, they support nearly 50% of the wildlife harvested from fisheries and generate $375 billion per year through commercial fishing, tourism, and coastal protection.


of coral reefs are dead


of coral reefs will be dead by 2050

The rapid degradation of coral reefs and other marine ecosystems is being exacerbated by a rapidly growing blue economy. The unsustainable practices of capture fishing, aquaculture, tourism, and other sectors that damage and pollute natural habitats while hindering the productivity and long-term viability of these industries, costing the global economy $428 billion per year by 2030.

The Loss of Natural Ocean Assets will Cripple Marine Industries

Traditional marine restoration solutions do not effectively scale, are not capable of adapting to the worsening impacts of climate change, and are rarely driven by the free market and thus fail to be financially sustainable.

Azul Bio is leveraging nature and high-throughput technologies to create probiotics that restore ocean productivity and breakdown chemical waste. We are providing scalable solutions for high-growth marine industries.

Our Approach

Learn more about our unique approach in using natural marine microbiomes to create regenerative probiotics that work with the habitat to restore ecological function and increase its tolerance to climate change and human impact.