Coral Experience

Preserving Coral: A Unique Guest Experience

A unique coral conservation program can be integrated into the guest experience. Creating a novel way for them to feel connected to their stay, to the beach, and to the oceans.


Guests learn about the importance of coral for
our oceans, the local area, the threats they are
facing, and CMBs as a solution through videos
and printed material. Videos can include appearances by ocean scientists and/or celebrity advocates. Same materials can also be used for promotional materials.

Coral Capture

Guests snorkel and/or scuba dive at predetermined locations to photograph treated and tagged coral colonies or

Coral Adoption

Guests can “adopt” coral colonies for CMB treatment. This adoption includes digital naming rights and provides treatment cost for the colony.

The Reward

Guests upload the photos and are rewarded with points redeemable at local hotels and/or venues. They also unlock a website to view progress photos of all corals being treated. Visitors adopting corals also unlock the website. As new photos are taken, an updated coral status is sent to previous photographers/adopters.

By adopting corals, and/or taking photos of individual colonies, guests establish a sense of ownership and become ocean advocates, tying your hotel/resort with environmental stewardship. This is reinforced with continuously updated photos of “their” coral colony. This sense of ownership also encourages return visits while opening a new communications channel.

Coral Reef Benefits

Reduced Storm Damage

Tourism Revenue

Beach Maintenance