Ocean-Derived Bioplastics

Next-Gen Material: PolyBlue

We are proud to offer PolyBlue, a highly functional and tailorable ocean-derived bioplastic that is a sustainable and cost-competitive solution to the plastic pollution crisis. Made from sargassum, a type of brown algae that would otherwise be waste, these bioplastics are fully biodegradable and compostable.

Our PolyBlue pellets can be used as a drop-in injection molding feedstock for a range of single-use plastic products, including cups, bottles, straws, and utensils, without sacrificing quality. By using PolyBlue, businesses can contribute to the solution of plastic pollution and attract environmentally conscious consumers and investors.


Our bioplastic is made from a renewable marine resource, brown algae. This feature makes our products carbon negative as compared to traditional petroleum-based plastics.


Due to its raw materials, our bioplastic is a sustainable solution that is cost-competitive with petroleum-based plastics, allowing businesses to offer environmentally-friendly products without sacrificing profitability.


Our bioplastic can be used to produce a range of products, including cups, bottles, straws, and utensils. This feature ensures that our products can be used in various industries, from food and beverage to packaging and more.


Our bioplastic degrades quickly when placed in the soil or ocean. The process occurs through microbial digestion, where the only byproducts are CO2 and water. This feature ensures that our products do not contribute to the plastic pollution crisis.

Harnessing a Sustainable Ocean Resource

Sargassum seaweed inundation in the Caribbean is a natural phenomenon that has become increasingly problematic due to climate change. The seaweed mats are harming marine life, impacting tourism, and damaging beaches and coastal ecosystems. The economic impact on the region is significant, as tourism is a major source of income. The ecological impact includes oxygen depletion which kills coastal fish and coral reefs. We are leveraging the massive quantities of sargassum inundating the Caribbean to make PolyBlue cost-competitive with petroleum-based plastics.

Solving the Plastic Pollution Crisis

Single-use plastics from fossil-fuels are polluting our planet and worsening climate change. Recycling rates are stagnant and developing countries lack sufficient waste management. Biodegradable plastics offer a modern solution that can breakdown quickly, are cost-competitive, and don’t need waste management. PolyBlue provides single-use convenience without the environmental damage of traditional plastics.