About Us

Scalable Microbiome Solutions For Ocean Health And Sustainability


Azul Bio is developing the technology to preserve and restore marine ecosystems and expand the productivity of marine industries at scale.


We will ensure coral reefs continue serving as a foundation to our oceans by increasing their resiliency against climate change.


  • Biodiversity Preservation
  • Marine Innovation
  • Supply Chain sustainability

Benjamin Alva, Founder & CEO

Benjamin is the CEO and Microbiomics Lead at Azul Bio. He is also a research collaborator with NASA Ames Research Center, PhD candidate at Caltech, and NSF Fellow. His work has focused on the cellular and molecular bioengineering of biological technologies that combat climate change and expand human habitation in space. Explorers Club member.

Azul Biotechnologies was named for the color of the ocean. We chose the Spanish word for blue, azul, because of our diverse leadership. Many of us are also avid scuba divers that have experienced the beauty of the underwater world while diving in the Caribbean.

Multidisciplinary team from eco-focused industries

Jake Nations

Head of Engineering

Jake specializes in
controls and cyber-physical systems. He has worked on biotech automation, self-driving vehicles at Tesla, and autonomous drone technologies, including AUVs for coral reef monitoring.

Olivia Paradis

Marine Biology Lead

Olivia is a marine biology and coastal science specialist. She has led several aquatic ecology studies on marine and freshwater invertebrates, as well as worked with algal-based sustainable textile production.

Aleksandr Rikhterman

Director of Operations & Marketing

Aleksandr has a video  production company with experience producing and marketing content for  companies and expeditions all across the world. PADI divemaster and Explorers Club member. “Evolving Coral” director.

Raul Torres

Director of Business Development

Raul, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business with a specialization in Agribusiness, as well as an MBA, is an accomplished Mexican-American actor, film producer, and entrepreneur.