Scalable Microbiome Solutions For Ocean Health And Sustainability

We create microbiome-based treatments, probiotics, from nature that give ocean life immunity to human impact

Our Approach

Much like our gut microbiomes, the health and productivity of marine environments depends on hundreds of trillions of microbes that live throughout the water column and symbiotically with larger marine organisms.

We leverage these natural microbial communities to create custom environmental probiotics that combat climate change, marine diseases, and pollution to improve the health and productivity of ocean environments and industry.

Regenerative probiotics: Cheaper, faster, and scalable aquatic restoration solutions

Coral RX | Heat is a probiotic treatment applied to coral reefs ensuring they do not bleach as the oceans warm around them. Because we use endemic microbial species in the probiotic, the coral is much more likely to acquire and retain the treatment. Our tailored and enhanced microbes will provide the helping hand coral reefs need to survive our increasingly warming oceans. Our treatment can be applied to coral nurseries on land or in the ocean, as well as at large-scale on natural reefs.

We are developing probiotics that solve the most critical environmental challenges that traditional marine restoration is unable to address. With the capacity to treat a multitude of marine environments and species, our solutions can aid environmental restoration projects, aquaculture, and industry in the following focus areas:

Global Warming

Ocean Acidification

Marine Diseases

Chemical Pollution

Coral Services

We are offering end-to-end genomic and microbiome analysis services for corals and their ecosystems in both aquariums and the wild. Everything from eDNA-based coral reef biodiversity assessment, coral genotyping, microbiome profiling, and cryostorage for gene bank coral. These services provide vital data and insights for reef monitoring, disease diagnostics, coral aquaculture, and marine research.

eDNA-Based Coral Reef Biodiversity Assessment

Our environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis offers a non-invasive method for accurately profiling the biodiversity of coral reefs through the genetic material organisms shed into the environment.

Coral Microbiome Profiling

We can provide a detailed analysis of the microbial and virus communities associated with coral. Understanding the microbiome is critical for evaluating reef health, resilience to environmental stressors, and effectiveness of aquaculture and restoration efforts.

Coral Genotyping

Our genotyping service provides precise identification and genetic profiling of individual coral species and populations. This data is crucial for understanding biodiversity, population structure, and aiding targeted conservation and restoration efforts.

Gene Bank Crystorage

Our coral cryopreservation storage service offers a secure and sustainable method for preserving the genetic material of diverse coral and microorganism species.

Evolving Coral

Evolving Coral, a documentary feature, follows Benjamin Alva, the founder and CEO of Azul Biotechnologies, as works to save coral reefs at scale. His microbial approach will ensure coral reefs around the world will be able to survive in our ever-warming oceans. Film by Aleksandr Rikhterman. For more information visit

Aquatic Analysis Services

Improve quality and reduce risk in your aquatic operations with our biological analysis services. We offer practical tools for hobbyists, experts, and industry that include Disease Detection, Microbiome Profiling, and Genotyping, helping you care for your aquatic systems more effectively. Ensure the well-being of your marine life with insights based on science.

Microbiome Profiling

Dive deep into the hidden world of your aquarium with our comprehensive microbiome profiling service. Understand the microbial dynamics that influence the health, balance, and vitality of your marine and aquatic habitats.

Disease Detection and Diagnostics

Optimize the health of your aquatic system with our advanced disease detection service. Utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, we identify the presence of common and emerging diseases.

Genotyping for Aquatic Species

Our genotyping service provides insights into the unique genetic makeup of individual species, aiding in breeding, conservation, and optimizing habitat conditions for your corals and marine species.